Laminadora Automática para Corrugado


BGTM Series Automatic Laminating Machine is when the next push claw machine full automatic veneer fourth-generation products, It is simple, easy maintenance, high speed, low noise, high accuracy and other advantages, to help you win the market, improve your competitiveness. BGTM Series Automatic Laminating machine is mainly imported from Japan, the Timing Belt Drive. Timing belt has soft and tough, durable wear characteristics of heat resistance and Latin America to ensure the accuracy of the machine precision fit. BGTM series using high level control system, automatic machines required for the supply of glue, and glue recovery with the circulatory system. Glue Keyi fit the different requirements of the paper adjust to glue more uniform coating on the paper, glue to both savings and ensures product quality. Corrugated output also adopts the most advanced suction belt conveyor, the machine running at high speed ABCDEF waves, three, five corrugated cardboard can also smooth out.
Technical parameters

Model TS-1300A TS-1450A TS-1600A
Maximum paper size (W × L) 1300 × 1100mm 1450 × 1100mm 1600 × 1100mm
Minimum paper size (W × L) 350 × 350mm 350 × 350mm 450 × 450mm
Lamination precision ≤±1.5mm ≤±1.5mm ≤±1.5mm
Max mechanical speed 6000Sheet / h 6000Sheet / h 6000Sheet / h
The total mechanical power 12kw 12kw 13kw
General machinery 12.5m 12.5m 15m
Machine gross weight 6.8T 7.2T 8.0T